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What exactly is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care brings relief to patients who have been suffering needlessly. The heart of chiropractic is care of the backbone. And it’s well documented that the majority of all back problems are mechanical, which means the vertebrae don’t move properly, and the muscles are out of balance. This in turn can cause stiffness in joints that are locked together. This can progress into degenerative arthritis. Misalignments can result in pressure on muscles, ligaments and even nerves. Every body organ and every essential function for your health is connected to your spinal cord. Nurturing this delicate relationship between the nervous system and the way the body functions is the philosophy of chiropractic.If you’re living with pain or other symptoms, you will not enjoy the same quality of life that others enjoy. As your chiropractor we will consult with you, discuss your current health concerns and explain exactly how we can help you using the natural healing techniques incorporated in chiropractic care.


Chiropractor is Here For YOU!

Chiropractors are different! They are trained to use very special adjustment techniques, some using only the hands, others using specialized instruments. Our approach is to choose the best techniques for your unique situation and condition. Patients who seek chiropractic treatment at Pietrek Spinal Care here in San Diego can be sure that they will experience the most modern and up-to-date chiropractic techniques available.We have helped people with all the following conditions:* Migraine headaches* Neck pain* Back pain* Elbow pain* Knee pain* Foot pain* Shoulder pain* Hip pain* Any other joint pain* Sciatica* Nerve pain* Arthritis* Poor posture* Disc problems* Fibromyalgia* Pregnancy related issues* Carpal tunnel syndrome* Numbness or tingling* Dizziness* Digestive trouble* and moreLet Us Be Here For YOU!

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