7 Stretches In 7 Minutes For Complete Lower Back Pain Relief

Living a more sedentary lifestyle is something that is all-too commonplace in a world where we increasingly rely on technology for more and more of the daily tasks that used to have us moving about to get accomplished. Anyone who works with computers, from home, or doing office work can attest to the fact that they probably don’t move around as much as they used to before the rise of smart phones, tablets and laptops. This is one reason among many why people need to put more of a conscious effort into taking care of the vessels we have the privilege of inhabiting. Stretching and exercise is something we all need to need to place more of a focus on, regardless if you move more during the day or not. The stats don’t lie, either.. About 31 MILLION people in the US alone experience some sort of lower back pain at any given time.

We have posted about the benefits of yoga and stretching before in an article titled “New Research Confirms Multiple Benefits of Yoga on your Body and Mind” and this here works off the same premise as that. Consistent stretching is good for your body and mind, period. (anyone who’s ever been in a martial arts class or something similar before can confirm this)

I came across these back stretches on Simple Organic Life not too long ago and figured it was worth passing it along to our subscribers here on The Mind Unleashed.

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