how to buy tickets to the eiffel tower without queuing

You can buy tickets in advance direct from the Eiffel Tower official website, link at the top of the page. You cannot buy advance tickets for the stairs option . When you order on-line you have to select a precise 30-minute time period when you will arrive on a specific date .daily entry passes vanish faster than Glastonbury tickets. Get up at 6.30am, get online, get your elbows out. In August it is.James Kingston, a British ‘freerunner’, has successfully climbed the Eiffel Tower without the use of any safety ropes or. and his climbing partner say they initially planned to buy tickets to enter.I tried to buy tickets on the eiffel tower website with no luck. I saw on the left side of the page in a yellow box it says guided tours. It is a behind the scenes and goes up to the 2nd level, from there you can buy a ticket to the top. Cost was 22,50, so I will get to go up the tower. These guided.

This video,, can also be seen at, it’s important to save as much time as you can, which can be done by getting a eiffel tower skip-the-line tickets, which will let you skip the line to purchase tickets. As the Eiffel Tower is an unmissable tourist attraction, lines are usually massive. You may get there early, but it is highly likely that most tourists will have done.However, Dinner is not included in your Eiffel Tower ticket so make sure to reserve in advance. If you leave it till the last minute, you might be disappointed! Buy skip the line tickets and save your time queueing up in Paris. Purchase your official tickets in advance to have a great time at the Eiffel Tower.Alternatives to the Eiffel Tower: a view without a queue. The lift takes 38 seconds up to the 56th floor viewing lounge with interactive panels and a caf, with stairs up to the 59th floor outdoor viewing deck. Lower than the Eiffel Tower but more central – and with the bonus of a view of the Eiffel Tower. 14.50, 16-20 and students 11.50, children aged 7-15 9.

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