split limb dampeners

BASECAMP > HUNTING INSIGHT Limb Dampeners – Why You Need Them Compound bows are things of mechanical magic, beastly power, and subtle beauty. They can take a 400-grain arrow and launch it at speeds fast enough to cover the length of a football field in less than one second. Space-age materials like aluminum, carbon · A nice used 16 Obsession Phoenix XL came up on the AT classifieds and I decided to bite to give a split limb design a try after shooting Prime bows for several years. This OB came with a stock Axion dampner set which is very functional, but large and heavy. They are placed lower on the limbs, likely to keep such a bulky design from robbing speed?limbsaver camo twistlox split-limb Dampeners 4-Pack When you’re in the field, nothing reveals your presence like a noisy bow. Keep concealed with the LimbSaver Camo Twistlox Split-Limb Dampeners 4-Pack so your prey will never know you’re coming. · Axion Archery Limb Dampeners. Unless you have a solid limb bow. If the CENTER POINT Is then use BROADBANDS or ULTRA MAXX STICK ONS!!! The firsts is split. Second solid. My STORM and SCORPYD. AXIOMS are impractical and HUGE!!! TOO MUCH BUSINESS IN THEM!!!! B. T. W. My bows are whisper quiet and shoot dead on accurate out to 100 yards!! No speed loss!! · Bowjax revelation split limb vibration dampeners weigh just 269 grams each and fit into a 11/16 gap. Dimensions are 2-1/2 long and 1-7/8 wide. Bowjax Revelation Split Limb Vibration Dampeners are available in the following colors: Red, Orange, Flo Green, Black, Blue, Silver, Pink, Purple and Brown.The new TwistLox limb dampeners noticeably dampen noise and vibration on split limb bows. easy installation, slide in and twist, add a second TwistLox.Take full advantage of competitively priced bow silencers and string dampeners from Cabela’s that reduce vibration and extend bow limb life.Check out the Axion Archery Limb Dampeners to reduce vibration in your limbs. They now offer them in Lost Camo.Purchase Bowjax Revelations Split Limb Dampeners (15/16") at lancaster archery supply. Get techxpert advice online from our archery experts. X-shaped wedge fits snuggly between the limbs, without screws or adhesives Dampener arms move freely to reduce vibration and to save the life of your limbs Fits 15/16

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